Finiteness Theorems and Hyperbolic Manifolds

  • A. N. Parshin
Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (MBC, volume 88)


Let f : XS be a proper smooth holomorphic family of projective algebraic varieties. If we fix a base point s0S, then we have monodromy action of the fundamental group
$$\rho :{\pi _1}\left( {{S_1}{s_0}} \right) \to Aut{\kern 1pt} {H^p}\left( {{X_0}Z} \right)$$
where X 0 is a fiber over s 0. The following results were proved using a hyperbolic metric which was introduced by S. Kobayashi [10], [11].


Exact Sequence Conjugacy Class Fundamental Group Complex Manifold Abelian Variety 


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