New Results on Weight-Two Motivic Cohomology

  • S. Lichtenbaum
Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (MBC, volume 88)


Among Grothendieck’s manifold contributions to algebraic geometry is his emphasis on the search for a universal cohomology theory for algebraic varieties and a conjectured description of it in terms of motives [Ma]. Various authors have recently set out to describe the properties of and conjecturally define a cohomology theory for algebraic varieties, which has been baptized “motivic cohomology” by Beilinson, MacPherson, and Schechtman ([BMS],[Be],[Bl],[T],[L1],[L2]). It is hoped that this theory, when and if it is fully developed, will in some sense be universal and thus provide at least a partial response to Grothendieck’s question.


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