Bifurcation in the Half-Space Problem of Evaporation and Condensation

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In Section 3.5, we discussed the asymptotic behavior for small Knudsen numbers of a gas around a condensed phase of the gas where evaporation or condensation with a finite Mach number is taking place. In the continuum limit, the overall behavior of the gas is described by the Euler set of equations, and its boundary condition is derived from the analysis of the half-space problem of the Boltz-mann equation. The boundary condition is qualitatively different depending on whether evaporation, subsonic condensation, or supersonic condensation is taking place. Here, we will discuss the transition from one type of the boundary condition to another, which takes place from evaporation to subsonic condensation and from subsonic condensation to supersonic condensation, on the basis of Sone [1978b, 2000b].


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