Generalized H2 suboptimally input-decoupled filtering

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In the previous chapters, we have studied EID, H2 AID, H AID, H2 OID, H2 SOID, as well as y-level H SOID filtering problems. These filtering problems are reconsidered in this chapter and the next with additional unknown input signals containing linear combination of sinusoidal signals, each of which has an unknown amplitude and phase but known frequency. We will use the qualifier “generalized” to refer to each of the above problems when such additional inputs are present. For instance, the H2 OID, H2 SOID, and y-level H∞ SOID filtering problems described above when additional sinusoidal inputs (of unknown amplitude and phase but known frequency) are present are, respectively, referred to as generalized H2 OID, generalized H2 SOID, and generalized y -level H SOID filtering problems.


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