In contrast to the majority of available monographs on homogenization theory dealing with media of relatively simple microstructure (such as periodic, or close to periodic, structures depending on a single small parameter), in this book we study phenomena in media of arbitrary microstructure characterized by several small parameters (or even more complicated media). For such media, homogenized models of physical processes may have various forms differing substantially from an original model. In order to give some ideas about the possible types of models and the topology of microstructure of the corresponding media, in this introduction we consider typical examples of microstructures leading, in the limit, to particular homogenized models. To be specific, we consider a nonstationary heat conduction process (a non-stationary diffusion), described by the heat, equation, in microinhomogeneous media of various types.


Dirichlet Problem Homogenize Model Conductivity Tensor Strong Connectivity Nonlocal Model 
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