The Oxford Declaration

A Call for the World-Wide Prohibition of the Genital Mutilation of Children
  • Charles A. Bonner


This paper was initially titled “A Call for a Moratorium on Medicalised Non-Therapeutic Sexual Mutilation of Infants and Children.” As I researched this topic and began to reflect on the various cases I have litigated around this issue, and as I remembered the pain, misery, harm, and humiliation inflicted on boys who had suffered partial amputations, unsightly scars, or required blood transfusions as a direct result of unnecessary circumcisions, I decided that the title was too weak. The topic left too much of a loophole. The title provided too much of an escape for those who naively want to continue this practice. It enabled them to circumvent the result we are trying to obtain, namely the cessation of the practice of circumcision, that is, the genital mutilation of boys and girls throughout the world. I therefore changed the title of this paper to “The Oxford Declaration—A Call for the World-Wide Prohibition of the Genital Mutilation of Children.”


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