Activism on the World Wide Web

The Role of the Internet in the Dissemination of Circumcision-Related Information
  • Marianne M. Sarkis


The Female Genital Mutilation Research and Awareness Project is a special project of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC) and seeks to disseminate widely information on female genital mutilation on-line as well as off-line. While primarily focusing on female genital mutilation, this project has expanded to include information about both female genital mutilation and male genital mutilation. Currently, the primary means of disseminating information has been through the Internet and, more specifically, on the World Wide Web. Since its beginning in 1995, the Female Genital Mutilation Research Webpage ( has drawn over a half a million “hits,” or what averages out to 500 hits a day. A hit is a way of measuring how many times a webpage has been accessed. This includes first time visitors, as well as repeat visitors. In addition, this female genital mutilation website has been linked (or referenced) by organisations such as Equality Now, The International Planned Parenthood Federation ( and the University of Western Australia’s Faculties of Economics & Commerce, and Education and Law’s Women Resources (


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