Structure and Expression of Calponin in Arterial Smooth Muscle Cells

  • Hisako Yamamura
  • Wataru Ikeda
  • Nobuhiko Shibata
  • Nobuhisa Awata
  • Katsuhito Takahashi
Part of the Progress in Experimental Cardiology book series (PREC, volume 1)


The gene and cDNA clones encoding smooth muscle calponin (also called basic calponin or calponin h1) have been isolated and characterized. The NH2-terminal region of calponin shares homology with a putative negative regulatory domain of the GDP-GTP exchanger for Rho-like GTP-binding proteins. Expression of the basic isoform of calponin is downmodulated in proliferating smooth muscle cells of atherosclerotic neointima and injured arterial media. Transfer of the recombinant human calponin gene into rabbit balloon-injured arteries or rat transgenic arteries in vivo increased calponin expression by smooth muscle cells and suppressed arterial myointimal hyperplasia. The cellular distribution of calponin has been shown to be dramatically changed upon stimulation. with an agonist known to activate protein kinase C in vascular smooth muscle cells. In addition to regulation of the contraction-relaxation cycle of smooth muscle, the findings reviewed here suggest that calponin might also be involved in the control of adhesion, migration, and proliferation of smooth muscle cells.


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