Should we retransplant liver?

  • Christian Ducerf
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This is a difficult question which involves medical, ethical, economic and social considerations. The pool of available liver grafts is limited so liver grafts have to be used with the best efficiency. Unfortunately results for liver retransplantation are not as good as for first liver transplantation [1]. The number of first transplantations in Europe and in the United States is from 3000 to 5000 and the frequency of retransplantation is from 11% to 20%[2]. The rate of retransplantation decreases with the teams experience and it can be noted the results of transplantation are improved. Retransplantation is more frequent in emergency[3]. The main causes of retransplantation in emergency [4] are, first: primary non function of the graft, second: hepatic artery thrombosis of the graft, third: refractory acute rejection episodes and chronic rejection diseases leading to graft loss.


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