Organ and Metabolic Complications: β2-Microglobulin Amyloidosis

  • Juergen Schaeffer
  • Karl-Martin Koch


Five years after the initial publication on carpal tunnel syndrome in hemodialysis patients (1), Assenat et al. (2) were the first to point out an association of this syndrome with a local deposition of amyloid. In 1984, Charra et al. (3) reported a correlation of the shoulder pain syndrome in hemodialysis patients with amyloid-positive histology from carpal tunnel surgery, and described the presence of amyloid in synovial tissue. Bardin et al. (4) established amyloidosis as a prominent cause of carpal tunnel syndrome, finger flexor synovitis, and cystic bone radiolucencies, and coined the phrase ‘dialysis amyloidosis’. The existence of a new form of amyloidosis peculiar to long-term hemodialysis patients underlying the amyloid arthropathy was suggested in 1985 (5), but the etiology and biochemical precursor were still unknown (6, 7).


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