Organ and Metabolic Complications: Lipids/Atherosclerosis

  • Eberhard Ritz
  • Michal Nowicki
  • Andrzej Wiecek


The incidence of and mortality from atherosclerotic complications, particulary coronary atherosclerosis, is strikingly increased in dialysed patients. One of the factors involved is dyslipoproteinemia. The main cause of dyslipoproteinemia is reduced activity of enzymes catabolising lipoproteins (hepatic triglyceride lipase, lipoprotein lipase), but additional abnormalities clearly contribute. Specific patterns of dyslipoproteinemia are present in patients with the nephrotic syndrome, diabetes mellitus and with immunosuppression (steroids, cyclosporin A). A paradoxical inverse relationship is noted between several lipid indicators and cardiac mortality in dialysis patients. This is presumably due to the confounding effect of malnutrition. Lipid indicators like Lp(a) and apolipoprotein ratios (AI/CIII) are predictive of atherosclerotic vascular disease, however, particularly in the high risk population of diabetics


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