On Getting a Computer to Listen

  • Jane Robinson
Part of the Linguistica Computazionale book series (LICO, volume 9)


Responding appropriately to matter-of-fact utterances is a common form of intelligent behavior, but specifying precisely, rather than loosely or intuitively, what takes place in even the most ordinary conversational exchanges poses formidably complex problems. The book Understanding Spoken Language is about those problems as they were faced in order to design and implement a computer system for processing spoken English discourse within a limited domain in an intelligent manner. “In an intelligent manner” is a key concept of the design. Because of it, the design, implementation and testing reported here are as germane to artificial intelligence, linguistics and psychology as they are to the sciences of signal processing and speech. In this preface we point out the complexities inherent in the undertaking and explain why they led us to develop components for representing and combining the kinds of knowledge people use when they understand what is said to them.


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