Appropriate Use of Laboratory Tests

  • Victoria Kaprielian Johnson


A 20-year-old white female presents to her physician’s office complaining of increasing nonproductive cough for 1 week. She reports a low-grade fever (100° F) and malaise, but no other respiratory symptoms. In addition, in the past 2 days she’s developed some chest pain with coughing. She is otherwise healthy, does not smoke, and is on no medications except an over-the-counter cough syrup, which has given little relief. She has no personal or family history of asthma or other lung problems. On physical examination, she appears slightly uncomfortable but in no distress. Her temperature is 99.5° F, and HEENT assessment is unremarkable except for slight erythema in the oropharynx. Lung examination reveals scattered rhonchi, but no rales or wheezes, including on forced exhalation.


Prostate Cancer Positive Predictive Value Negative Predictive Value Hereditary Spherocytosis Atypical Pneumonia 
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