Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

  • Larry L. Dickey


John T. is a 25-year-old patient who is seen by you because of pain in his right hand after bending a finger playing basketball. You diagnose mild soft tissue injury and suggest that he treat it with ice, ibuprofen, and rest. He also brings up that he would like his cholesterol tested because he “wants to live to be 100.” Further discussion reveals that he has no medical or family history factors that would put him at risk for coronary artery disease. You have only 5 minutes left before you will need to go to see a patient in the hospital. Rather than order a cholesterol test, you decide to use the time to talk with John and discover that he drinks six beers daily, has had two serious traffic accidents in the last 2 years, and has had unprotected sex with five different partners in the last year. You advise him to not worry about a cholesterol test despite recommendations he has seen on television, but instead to eat a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet, limit his alcohol intake to two drinks per day, wear seatbelts, and use condoms with every sexual partner. He declines an HIV test. All of this makes you 5 minutes late getting to the hospital.


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