Functional Assessment

  • Kathleen R. Farrell


Mr. Smith, an 82-year-old man with a history of dementia, hypertension, and osteoarthritis, visited the physician’s office because of Mrs. Smith’s concerns that her husband “hadn’t been himself” lately. Questioning by the physician revealed that the patient had strained his back 2 weeks earlier while helping his wife move a table. When prompted, the patient complained of back pain, and Mrs. Smith reported that her husband now spent most of his time lying on a couch. His appetite diminished, he slept fitfully, and he had worsening constipation. Mrs. Smith needed to help her spouse with bathing and dressing. Two days before the visit, she borrowed a neighbor’s cane for her spouse because he appeared unsteady when walking. Being frail herself, Mrs. Smith worried about her own health and inability to continue caring for her husband. She asked the physician if her husband needed placement in a nursing home.


Functional Assessment Functional Decline Geriatric Depression Scale Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Nursing Home Placement 
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