Counseling and Behavioral Change

  • Larry B. Mauksch


Dr. Jacobson entered the room of his patient, Mr. Lawford. During the last 2 years Mr. Lawford gained 20 pounds and had rising blood pressure. Dr. Jacobson was concerned about these changes and wanted to help his patient address them before more serious health problems emerged. Dr. Jacobson expressed curiosity about Mr. Lawford’s day-to-day activities. Mr. Lawford described working long hours with burgeoning responsibilities in recent years. He used to exercise at least four times a week and now was lucky to exercise once on the weekend. Neither of his parents exercised and both of them had been overweight. His father worked hard as a plumber, retired 5 years ago, and died 1 year later at 67 of a heart attack. Although Mr. Lawford acknowledged his weight gain, decreased exercise, and stress at work, he was not concerned about his health.


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