Transplantation of the Heart and Both Lungs - Indications, Selection, and Evaluation

  • V. R. Kshettry
  • R. M. BolmanIII


The successful clinical heart-lung transplantation by Reitz et al. [1], is a landmark in the annals of thoracic organ transplantation. Since 1981 over 1500 heart-lung transplants have been performed worldwide[2]. The aim is to increase the life expectancy of severely ill patients with cardiopulmonary disease and to enhance their quality of life. To meet this aim, expert knowledge of the course of their disease and of the prospects for a successful transplant is necessary. Advances in surgical technique, organ preservation, and post-transplant care have improved survival and long-term graft function.


Primary Pulmonary Hypertension Severe Left Ventricular Dysfunction Progressive Pulmonary Disease Severe Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation Primary Pulmonary Hypertension Patient 
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