Airway Complications in Children Following Lung Transplantation

  • C. B. Huddleston


Historically, disruption of the airway suture line was the major source of morbidity and mortality in the early days of lung transplantation in adults, particularly in the setting of an en-bloc double lung transplant[1]’[3]. Modifications of the technique by wrapping the anastomosis with either omentum or other viable tissues[4] and performing bi-bronchial anastomoses provided reasonable solutions to this problem[5]. Airway anastomosic complications are now a less serious but persistently vexing problem, with an incidence in adult transplants ranging from 10% to 30% of bronchial anastomoses at risk[6]’[10]. Most of these bronchial complications are due to stenosis. The incidence of airway complications in the pediatric age group, and those factors leading to this set of problems following lung transplantation, are not well defined due to less experience in children. The experience in adults may not be easily translated to children, for a variety of reasons, including the smaller size of the airways being anastomosed and the expected somatic growth that will occur. This is a review of the literature and of our own experience in children, to evaluate the incidence, risk factors and appropriate treatment associated with these complications in the pediatric population subjected to transplantation.


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