Histopathology of Lung Transplantation

  • N. R. Ohori
  • S. A. Yousem


The increasing number of transplant centers has resulted in providing lung transplantation as a therapeutic option for many patients with end-stage pulmonary diseases. However, despite improvements in immunosuppression, surgical techniques, and diagnostic accuracy, post-transplant complications remain problematic. One of the key elements to patient survival is the prompt and appropriate intervention of allograft dysfunction[1]. While there are a number of ways to monitor the recipient, tissue examination still remains the mainstay in assessing allograft alterations[2]’[5]. Perhaps it is important to distinguish between rejection and non-rejection processes such as infection, since treatment is often opposite. Graft syndromes typically occur in their particular context, and it is the understanding of the adaptation of the lung allograft to the host environment which is critical in arriving at the correct diagnosis. The intent of this chapter is to review the histopathology and pathophysiology of lung allograft rejection and other non-rejection processes which may also contribute to graft dysfunction. The efficacy of types of biopsies in specific situations will also be discussed.


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