Anesthetic Management, Including Cardiopulmonary Bypass

  • J. V. Booth
  • D. R. Wheeldon
  • S. Ghosh


Since the first successful transplantation of the human heart over 25 years ago many groups of anesthetists have described the anesthetic techniques they use for managing their patients during the recipient operation[1]–[11]. There has been an enormous variety of different anesthetic agents employed in transplantation, and it appears that each unit has based its regimen on experiences in patients with decompensated cardiac failure. As experience is gained in transplantation, previous boundaries are stretched, with older patients being accepted for transplantation and an increasing number of patients with relatively higher transpulmonary pressure gradients being operated on. The choice of individual anesthetic agents is in itself of relatively little consequence provided that the overall technique employed does not produce marked cardiovascular effects.


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