We saw in Chapter 3 that many important aspects of geostatistical analysis can be based on geosubsets derived: (a) from the comparison between any primary geoset gP and the corresponding uniform distribution over the territory; and (b) from the comparison between two geosets gP and gQ distributed over the same territory. In Chapters 1 and 3 there were examples of maps representing such geosubsets by means of GRP. For instance: Figure 1.4 (Section 1.2) shows an example of GRP maps of surpluses of the actual distribution over the uniform distribution; and Figures 3.23, 3.24, and 3.25 (Section 3.7) show examples of maps of surpluses of gP over gQ, surpluses of gQ over gP, and matches of gP and gQ, respectively. From a graphical point of view these maps were constructed according to criteria similar to those described in Chapter 6 for GRP maps of simple geosets.


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