Early and late immunological changes in burn patients

  • Osman Fathi Osman


Burn injury causes many defects in the mobility and functions of the two leukocyte subpopulations, granulocytes and lymphocytes, and these abnormalities have been described by many investigators as the cause of post-burn infection. Sakai (1974) has observed that the peripheral blood lymphocyte count is at the lowest normal limits during the first post-burn week, the count then gradually returning to normal. Arturson (1969) and Andrew (1970) have demonstrated that immediately after thermal injury all immunoglobulins in the patient serum are decreased and reach the lowest values at about 2 days post-trauma; the level then rises again to normal levels at the end of the first week for IgM, during the second week for IgA, IgG and IgE, and at the end of the first month for IgD.


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