Domestic burns in children caused by butane gas explosion

  • R. Bouayad Agha


Between January 1989 and June 1990 a total of 729 burned children were admitted to our hospital. Of these 55 (13.4%) were victims of butane gas explosion accidents. In the majority of cases the explosion occurred in the kitchen and very frequently the mother was also injured. In our series 22 of the butane gas-burned children came from just seven families involved in accidents. The explosions were sometimes very serious and in half the cases the home was completely destroyed. This gives rise to difficult socioeconomic problems, also as regards the hospitalization of the burned adults. The age distribution of the 55 children was as follows: 0–5 years, 23; 6–10 years, 21; 11–15 years, 11. In the case of nursing infants we admitted the mother even if she was not burned, and a fortiori if she was also burned.


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  • R. Bouayad Agha
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  1. 1.Centre des Enfants, Brûlés et de Chirurgie Plastique, CHU de Bab El OuedAlgiersAlgeria

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