Solving Systems of Equations

  • K. O. Geddes
  • S. R. Czapor
  • G. Labahn


In this chapter we consider the classical problem of solving (exactly) a system of algebraic equations over a field F. This problem, along with the related problem of solving single univariate equations, was the fundamental concern of algebra until the beginning of the “modern” era (roughly, in the nineteenth century); it remains today an important, widespread concern in mathematics, science and engineering. Although considerable effort has been devoted to developing methods for numerical solution of equations, the develop- ment of exact methods is also well motivated. Obviously, exact methods avoid the issues of conditioning and stability. Moreover, in the case of nonlinear systems, numerical methods cannot guarantee that all solutions will be found (or prove that none exist). Finally, many systems which arise in practice contain “free” parameters and hence must be solved over non-numerical domains.


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  • S. R. Czapor
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  • G. Labahn
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