Computer Education in Thailand

  • Nongnuch Wattanawaha
Part of the Technology-Based Education Series book series (TBES, volume 1)


It has not yet been feasible to make computer education compulsory for any level of students in Thailand. The country has both a small education budget and some other problems of higher priority to address in that realm. Nevertheless, the involvement of upper secondary schools with educational computing has increased steadily since the early 1980s. The first computer-related activities were initiated in 1983. Currently the schools with the resources to do so can offer as many as eight nationally-approved courses. Lower secondary students should begin to gain access to a computer literacy course in 1995. The next objective will be to develop an appropriate curriculum for elementary schools, many of which are eager to offer some hands-on computer experiences to their pupils. The largest obstacle to these plans pertains to financing the sufficient provision of hardware, software, and teacher training.


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