Host-Vector System and Reverse Genetics in A Non-Conventional Yeast,Candida maltosa

  • Masamichi Takagi


In Candida maltosa, expression of many genes is induced by the hydrophobic compound, n-alkane, resulting in biogenesis of organelles such as endoplasmic reticulum and peroxisome where n-alkane is metabolized. Host-vector systems are needed in order to investigate this phenomenon at the molecular level. Since C. maltosa does not have plasmids, the isolation of an ARS site from the genome of C maltosa was attempted so as to construct vectors. Several host-vector systems were constructed to promote reverse genetics in this non-conventional yeast as described in our recent papers shown below.


Cloning Vector Reverse Genetic Lithium Acetate Method Candida Maltosa Inducible Cytochrome 
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