The H.261/H.263 Compression Standard for Video Telecommunications

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ITU has developed a video conferencing standard H.324 at very low bitrate for the General Switched Telephone Network (GSTN) and mobile radio [IT95a, IT95b, IT93]]. The H.324 is a recommendation for real-time voice, data, and video over V.34 modems on the GSTN telephone network. It consists of five documents: (1) H.324 systems, (2) H.223 multiplex, (3) H.245 control, (4) H.263 video codec, and (5) G.273 speech codec. The H.261 coding standard provides coded video at bit rates 64 Kbits/s and above, whereas the H.263 video coding standard, proposed for H.324, provides coded video around 16 Kbits/s.


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