Information Visualization

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The primary focus on Information Retrieval Systems has been in the areas of indexing, searching and clustering versus information display. This has been due to the inability of technology to provide the technical platforms needed for sophisticated display, academicśs focusing on the more interesting algorithmic based search aspects of information retrieval, and the multi-disciplinary nature of the human-computer interface (HCI). The core technologies needed to address sophisticated information visualization have matured, supporting productive research and implementation into commercial products. The commercial demand for these technologies is growing with availability of the “information highway.” System designers need to treat the display of data as visual computing instead of treating the monitor as a replica of paper. Functions that are available with electronic display and visualization of data that were not previously provided are (Brown-96):
  • modify representations of data and information or the display condition (e.g., changing color scales)

  • use the same representation while showing changes in data (e.g., moving between clusters of items showing new linkages)

  • animate the display to show changes in space and time

  • enable interactive input from the user to allow dynamic movement between information spaces and allow the user to modify data presentation to optimize personal preferences for understanding the data.

  • Create hyperlinks under user control to establish relationships between data


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