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The first two chapters of this book presented the architecture of a total Information Storage and Retrieval System and the basic functions that apply to it. One of the most critical aspects of an information system that determines its effectiveness is how it represents concepts in items. The transformation from the received item to the searchable data structure is called Indexing. This process can be manual or automatic, creating the basis for direct search of items in the Document Database or indirect search via Index Files. Rather than trying to create a searchable data structure that directly maps to the text in the input items, some systems transform the item into a completely different representation that is concept based and use this as the searchable data structure. The concept weighting schemes have demonstrated the capability to find items that the traditional weighted and non-weighted data structures have missed. Systems that use a specialized hardware text search processor do not require the searchable data structure, but search the original standardized documents (see Chapter 9).


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