Introduction to Information Processing Systems

Part of the The Information Retrieval Series book series (INRE, volume 1)


This chapter defines an Information Storage and Retrieval System (called an Information Retrieval System for brevity) and differentiates between information retrieval and database management systems. Tied closely to the definition of an Information Retrieval System are the system objectives. It is satisfaction of the objectives that drives those areas that receive the most attention in development. For example, academia pursues all aspects of information systems, investigating new theories, algorithms and heuristics to advance the knowledge base. Academia does not worry about response time, required resources to implement a system to support thousands of users nor operations and maintenance costs associated with system delivery. On the other hand, commercial institutions are not always concerned with the optimum theoretical approach, but the approach that minimizes development costs and increases the salability of their product. This text considers both view points and technology states. Throughout this text, information retrieval is viewed from both the theoretical and practical viewpoint.


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