The Hematopoietic Cytokine Receptors

  • Anne-Marie O’Farrell
  • Taisei Kinoshita
  • Atsushi Miyajima
Part of the Blood Cell Biochemistry book series (BLBI, volume 7)


The growth and differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells to form the vast repertoire of mature blood cells that exists in vivo is orchestrated by an array of intercellular signals, mediated by cytokines in association with a complex stromal microenvironment. Cytokines are a diverse group of glycoproteins, expressed constitutively or inducibly by a wide variety of cell types, in membrane-bound or secreted forms (reviewed in Nicola, 1989; Arai et al., 1990; Howard et al., 1993). In addition to controlling hematopoietic development, cytokines mediate many physiological responses, such as immunity, inflammation, and antiviral activity. A single cytokine can exhibit multiple functions depending on its target cell type, and different cytokines often show similar biological functions on the same target cell population (Metcalf, 1986). Combinations of cytokines can interact synergistically (Metcalf and Nicola, 1991; Heyworth et al., 1988, 1992) or antagonistically (reviewed in Graham and Pragnell,1990; Ruscetti et al.,1991) to give novel responses. In addition, many cytokines trigger the release of other cytokines (Dinarello et al., 1986; Fibbe et al., 1986; Yang et al.,1988). Thus, a complex network is formed among various types of cells through cytokines.


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