Data Aspects of Geographical Information Systems

  • J. Maes
  • M. H. Cornaert
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Geographic information systems (GIS) are major tools for data management and information provision in the European Community CORINE Programme and for the European Environment Agency Task Force. Data are a key element in the implementation and development of GIS, acting both as a challenge and major opportunity. The key issue about data relates to their availability, quality, usefulness, accessibility and the cost for updating and conversion into digital form. On the other hand, GIS acts as an integrator and translator of data, giving an enormous opportunity for adding value to data. The capacity of GIS to bring together data from diverse sources results in a synergic stimulus where the whole is much more than some of the individual parts.


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  • M. H. Cornaert
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  1. 1.Commission of the European Communities Directorate-General for Environment, Nuclear Safety and Civil Protection XIEuropean Environment Agency Task ForceBrusselsBelgium

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