Multimedia Authoring Systems

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Authoring software has been one of the fastest growing areas of software development in recent years. It will increase in importance over the coming years as the market becomes flooded with every species of software claiming to provide multimedia authoring capability. Authoring systems let you build complete multimedia applications from simple or complex presentations to interactive training and education and POS applications (Badgett and Sandier, 1994). These full-featured applications include elements from other types of applications such as drawing, graphics, editing, audio support, video and more. Authoring software consists of high-level computer programs which allow designers or programme-makers (authors) to work with everyday words and concepts to create interactive presentations. The authoring software itself translates these commands into the lower levels of computer programming needed by the computer and related hardware devices. The main function of authoring packages, therefore, is that they enable you to take text, graphics, animation, sound and video files and combine them into one clear well-designed, well-integrated, interactive application.


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