Evolution from Invention to Technological Innovation and Influence of “Objects” on Economic Cycles and on Paradigms

  • Henry Benavides Puerto


The basic idea of writing this paper is to attempt to “tie together” various “phenomena” present in the capitalistic world. These “phenomena” shall be identified through:
  • the re-study of the theoretical concepts which explain the economic cycles;

  • the level of “disturbance” related to innovations;

  • the analysis of the large waves, starting with Kondratieff’s version until Carlota Perez’s “clean” analysis;

  • to finally, delve into the question of paradigms; of the five great paradigms the capitalistic society has been through in its various phases.


Technological Innovation Industrial Revolution Capitalistic Economy Economic Cycle Steam Engine 
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  • Henry Benavides Puerto
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  1. 1.Universidade do Amazonas - FTManausBrazil

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