Technological Change and Management Education

  • Lluís Pugès


Since the mid-seventies a new system of technology has been gradually supplanting the system that emerged at the end of the last century.


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  1. Drucker, P.F. (1993) The postcapitalist society Neither work, nor capital. The determining factor of wealth in the postcapitalist society is knowledge. The “know-how”. Therefore, neither cheap labour, nor japanese style working hours, nor tons of gold. What makes a nation wealthy today is what its inhabitants know how to do. But careful, their “know-how”, not just their “knowledge”.Google Scholar
  2. Reich, R.B. (1993) The work of nations We are in the process of moving from the production of “volume” to the production of “value”. The standard of living is coming to depend less on the success of the nation’s core corporations and industries than it is on the worldwide demand for their skills and insights.Google Scholar
  3. Porter, M. (1990) The competitive advantage of nations The basis for competition is increasingly shifting towards the creation and assimilation of knowledge.Google Scholar

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