Labor Politics in Washington

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AFL-CIO Washington headquarters occupies an impressive eight-story white building a block from the White House across Lafayette Square. Along the wall facing the entrance stand two mosaics, fifty-one feet long and seventeen feet high, depicting the struggles of American labor to achieve recognition, status, and influence. The AFL-CIO employs four hundred workers at its headquarters and annually receives $125 million from its 105 union to support the organization. In the Maryland countryside not far from the District, the AFL-CIO operates the George Meany Center for Labor Studies. Its thirty-one faculty and staff members occupy a spacious campus that contains conference rooms, dormitories, and dining facilities. Dominating the campus foreground stands a modern structure that houses the William Green Memorial Archives. In its foyer, a large bronze bust of William Green with arms outstretched invites visitors’ attention. The AFL-CIO also operates a small Paris office.


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