Rights to Health Care: Created, Not Discovered

  • H. Tristram EngelhardtJr.
Part of the Philosophy and Medicine book series (PHME, volume 38)


As Tom Beauchamp acknowledges, in many philosophical disputes arguments can be suggestive even if they are not conclusive [1]. The result is that one must often rely on fair negotiations to shape the character of public policy rather than on some method for discovering what public policy should be. Still, suggestive arguments can guide negotiations even where they cannot determine conclusively what the results should be. The more this is so, the more rights to health care are created rather than discovered. In this fashion, Beauchamp introduces one of the major questions regarding justice in health care: is justice to be understood through a process for fashioning rights to health care or through a body of defended doctrines which establish a pattern of proper health care distributions?


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