MCDA in the Hands of Its Masters

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The MCDA methods, usually developed by specialists in academic research institutes, were mostly designed for decision making in public administration and industrial management. Developed in the ivory tower of cool scientific contemplation, they might be inadequate for the turbulent world of government and business. The specialists with a vivid interest in applications of MCDA therefore had to cross the notorious chasm between theory and practice. Occasionally, however, they also found themselves in the role of decision makers. In such a role, they were in the position to judge the effectiveness of mathematical and computational support for decision making. How did they see the MCDA methods from inside, how did they use their first-hand knowledge about the algorithmic ideas, how did they handle the underlying assumptions, the strengths and the weaknesses, the pitfalls and the benefits of MCDA? How did they work individually with MCDA, how did they apply it in groups, and how did they come to a decision? A thorough study is not yet available. This chapter only sketches our experiences in various situations.


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