Distinct Post-Transplant Course for Highly Sensitized Recipients? (Kalman Filter Monitoring)

Part of the Developments in Nephrology book series (DINE, volume 21)


Early in 1984, UK Transplant Service (UKTS) initiated its multi-centre’ save our Sensitized (SOS)’ scheme (see Chapter 9) to reduce the accumulation of highly sensitized patients on the UK renal transplant waiting list. Sera with more than 85% reaction frequency against the national reference panel were selected for distribution in Terasaki trays to make up what was called the “SOS serum set”. Under the scheme, donor kidneys that were crossmatch negative with both plated (‘peak’) and ‘current’ sera (tested pre-operatively) were transplanted. No mismatches of former grafts were repeated, but transplants were otherwise performed irrespective of HLA mismatches.


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