Clarence C. Walton on Management Education: Perspectives and Contributions

  • Edwin M. Epstein
Part of the Issues in Business Ethics book series (IBET, volume 11)


I admit unabashedly that Clarence C. Walton has been my intellectual mentor virtually from the day I began my academic career over three decades ago. Together with Dow Votaw, my dear friend and University of California at Berkeley colleague, Clarence, first through his writings and then personally, nurtured my fledgling efforts during the 1960s and beyond in that inchoate, ill-defined, squishy area of inquiry—then barely a field, and surely not a discipline—variously known as Business and Society; Business and the Environment; Business, Government and Society; the Legal, Social, and Political Environment of Business; or Clarence’s preferred designation, Conceptual Foundations of Business. Clarence; Dow; Ray Bauer of Harvard; George Steiner of UCLA; Bill Frederick of Pittsburgh; Earl F. “Budd” Cheit of Berkeley; Keith David of Arizona; Ivar Berg, then also at Columbia; Harold Johnson of Emory; Walter H. Klein, then of Villanova; Joe McGuire, then of Kansas; Sumner Marcus and Joe Monsen of Washington; and George L. “Lee” Bach of Stanford were the doyens and champions of this entrepreneuring intellectual enterprise striving for legitimacy—indeed, survival—in the hostile academic climate of the times.


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