Business Ethics: Widening the Lens

  • Clarence Walton
Part of the Issues in Business Ethics book series (IBET, volume 11)


When the field of business ethics is discussed, critics call it soft and muddled—even pale in the shadow-gray world it so often depicts. What critics overlook, however, is the ability of moral philosophers to help them think through critically important value issues. A mode of thinking that is better than other forms of moral analysis is what ethicists seek to promote. From its critics, however, ethicians hear fusillades that sound something like this: Business ethics is useless, irrelevant, dangerous, and confused. By such standards, business ethics should never have been conceived. If these descriptions were accurate, moral philosophers would find their feet in ankle-high canons of scholarship. It is well, therefore, first to address each of the charges before considering the main task, namely, learning what other social sciences can offer to business ethicists.


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