Intermediary Metabolism

  • A. Van Laere


In attempting to review the metabolism of fungi in a concise manner one is confronted with both a plethora and a lack of information. Fungi are a very diverse kingdom of organisms, members of which have been evolving independently for over a billion years with often short generation times. Although their morphology is rather similar, one might expect a metabolic diversity that is at least as significant as the diversity in the animal kingdom. This diversity is reflected in the variety of substrates fungi can metabolize and use as carbon sources as well as in the chemicals they can produce as fermentation products or so-called secondary metabolites. These properties have been exploited in a large number of industrial applications. Growth requirements of others such as VAM-forming fungi or some biotrophic pathogens can be so intricate that it has proven impossible to grow them in culture. A discussion of fungal metabolism therefore has to be restricted to the most important or most general pathways.


Glutamine Synthetase Pyruvate Kinase Neurospora Crassa Aspergillus Nidulans Glycogen Phosphorylase 
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