Addressing the Problem of Imprecision

  • Cary G. deBessonet
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Chapters 1 and 2 introduced SMS as a system that employs a many-valued system of evaluation. Chapter 3 discusses the need for a many-valued approach and briefly describes the basis of the qualified response component of the system. The problem of imprecision in communicative discourse is discussed to reinforce the need for a many-valued approach and to set the context for a description of multiquerying, a strategy designed to address some aspects of imprecision. The problem of imprecision is described as a dual problem. One aspect of the problem is grounded in lack of denotative and temporal specificity. It is suggested that the best way to handle this problem under current automated technology is through interaction with the user. The other aspect of the problem is rooted in inadequate query construction. A query often does not precisely represent what the questioner actually wants to know. The many-valued approach is described as an effective means by which to address certain aspects of this problem. A multi-querying strategy is described that employs multiple values in generating responses to queries.


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