John Gregory’s Medical Ethics

Part of the Philosophy and Medicine book series (PHME, volume 56)


Notes taken from Dr Gregory Novr. [November] 6th 1769 I am this day to mention to you some of the Moral Qualities of a Physician & ce. [et cetera] and the first I shall mention is Humanity or that compassion we ought to have for our patient. Some have alleged that our Profession are very hard hearted and void of feelings, but I hope the charge is groundless (with respect to the generality of Physicians[)] Real Sympathy is of the greatest advantage both to the Pat. [Patient] & the Physician: real Sympathy always trys to conceal itself — Another qualification I shall mention, is a certain ease & gentleness to be shewn towards the Pat. & not to be too rigid & stiff with regard to particulars which are sometimes not of the greatest Consequence (RCSE D27, 1769, pp. 1–2).


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