Tracking and Monitoring Software

  • L.K. Bandyopadhyay
  • S.K. Chaulya
  • P.K. Mishra


An application software has been developed to receive, process, analyze, and store data received from various end devices through routers and coordinator. The developed application software is named as “Tracking and Monitoring Software” (TMS). The software is installed in the surface computer placed in a control room and physically connected with the coordinator of a wireless network using RS232 cable. The software provides graphical presentation of miners and equipment locations and path. It is also helpful for generating miner’s attendance report as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and actual duty hour basis. Safety of miner is another aspect, which is covered by this software, which is done by sending warning signals for each risky situation. The software also helps in establishing text message communication, online monitoring of environmental parameters, identifying trapped miners in case of disaster, and various other aspects.


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  1. 1.Central Institute of Mining & Fuel ResearchDhanbadIndia

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