Approximation of Functions and Numerical Quadrature

  • James E. Gentle
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The standard treatment of orthogonal polynomials is Szegö (1958), in which several other systems are described and more properties of orthogonal polynomials are discussed. A general reference on multivariate orthogonal polynomials is Dunkl and Yu (2001). A type of orthogonal system that I mentioned, but did not discuss, are wavelets. For this I refer the reader to Walter and Ghorai (1992) or to Vidakovic (2004).

De Boor (2002) provides a comprehensive development of splines and an extensive discussions of their properties. The emphasis is on B-splines and he gives several Fortran routines for using B-splines and other splines. A good introduction to multivariate splines is given by Chui (1988).

Evans and Schwartz (2000) provide a good summary of methods for numerical quadrature, including both the standard deterministic methods of numerical analysis and Monte Carlo methods. The most significant difficulties in numerical quadrature occur in multiple integration. The papers in the book edited by Flournoy and Tsutakawa (1991) provide good surveys of specific methods, especially ones with important applications in statistics.


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