Multivariate Canavati Fractional Ostrowski–Type Inequalities

  • George A. Anastassiou

Optimal upper bounds are given to the deviation of a value of a multivariate function of a fractional space from its average, over convex and compact subsets of ℝ N , N ≥ 2. In particular we work over rectangles, balls, and spherical shells. These bounds involve the supremum and L∞ norms of related multivariate Canavati fractional derivatives of the involved function. The presented inequalities are sharp; namely they are attained. This chapter has been motivated by the works of Ostrowski [318], 1938, and Anasstasiou [24], 2003, and the chapter is based on [43].


Compact Subset Fractional Derivative Euclidean Norm Spherical Shell Type Inequality 
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