The Freudians

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As long as Freud was in Vienna he remained surrounded by a devoted circle that reached out into a wider network of close disciples. There was Alexander in Berlin, Ferenczi in Budapest, and Jones in England, who was later joined by Melanie Klein. Then there was Freud, himself, and his daughter, Anna Freud with him in Vienna. Meanwhile, Marie Bonaparte, among others, championed psychoanalysis in France, before Lacan. The empire was far flung, but the greatest concentration of analysts eventually was found in the United States, where major centers sprang up, mainly around New York, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, and eventually Los Angeles. An all-too-brief survey of only a selection of these Freudians will suffice to show that several even made major modifications of Freud’s theories, but almost all to a great extent stayed within the structure of personality defined by Freud.


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