Characterization of the Capillary Properties of Gas Diffusion Media

  • Jeffrey T. Gostick
  • Marios A. Ioannidis
  • Michael W. Fowler
  • Mark D. Pritzker
Part of the Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry book series (MAOE)


The present generation of membrane materials used in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) requires high humidity to maintain sufficient proton conductivity. Mass transport through the porous electrodes, however, is most effective in dry conditions since the presence of liquid water in the pores reduces effective oxygen diffusivity to the catalytic sites. Management of these competing requirements is further complicated by the production of water inside the cell as a by-product of the cathode reaction. Maximizing fuel cell power density therefore requires effective water management techniques to prevent excessive liquid water from accumulating in the porous electrode components. Liquid water distribution and flow in the cathode gas diffusion media (GDM) of an operating PEMFC is critically affected by capillary forces. Perhaps the most widely employed technique for improving water management is to impregnate the fibrous GDM with a polymer, such as poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene (PTFE), to coat the carbon fibers and thereby render the GDM more hydrophobic. It is thus important to understand the relationship between wettability and capillary properties of native (i.e., untreated) or PTFE-treated GDMs on the one hand and the relationship between GDM capillary properties and fuel cell performance on the other hand. Until recently, however, few experimental techniques were available to measure the capillary properties of GDMs. This chapter discusses the present understanding of the capillary properties of GDM–water–air systems and provides a critical analysis of reported experimental techniques that have recently contributed to this understanding.


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