Microresonator Sensors Made in Polymers with Functional Chromophore Dopants

  • Antao Chen
Part of the Integrated Analytical Systems book series (ANASYS)


The optical properties such as index of refraction and optical absorption of many chromophore-doped polymers are sensitive to the physical and chemical environment to which the polymers are exposed. A variety of microring resonator sensors have been realized with chromophore-doped polymers. Detection sensitivity is further enhanced by optical microresonator structures such as waveguide microring resonator and fiber Bragg gratings. Chromophore-doped polymers also offer some desirable flexibility in device fabrication. Ultraviolet light and electron beam can reduce the index of refraction of the polymer. The photobleaching and electron beam bleaching methods form optical waveguides in a single fabrication step and do not involve solvents or wet chemicals, and can be applied to polymers that are not compatible with other waveguide fabrication techniques.

This chapter provides an overview of the basic principles and designs of such sensors. A chemical sensor to detect trace explosives and a broadband fiber optic electric-field sensor are presented as practical examples. The polymers used for the trace explosive sensor are unpoled and have chromophores randomly orientated in the polymer hosts. The electric field sensor uses a poled polymer with chromophores preferentially aligned through electrical poling, and the microring resonator is directly coupled to the core of optical fiber.


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The author thanks Profs. Larry R. Dalton and Alex K.-Y. Jen, and Lumera Corporation for providing polymer materials. The work present in this chapter is supported by National Science Foundation Grant Number ECS-0437920, National Science Foundation Center on Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research (STC-CMDITR), Grant Number DMR-0120967, and Office of Naval Research Grant N00014–05–1–0843.


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